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The need is great and the need is now

This past week our volunteers in Cherso and NEA Kavala camps have been working hard on supplying both camps with winter clothes. With the market building not quite finished in NEA Kavala they have sent a team to go container to container and tent to tent writing down individual clothes orders. The need is great and the need is now.

Volunteers reporting

-The coming week we will work hard to pack the orders to the best of our ability. The difficulty of this task comes when choosing sizes. One person’s medium is another person’s small. The enormous benefit of the market will be the dignity and sense of normality the residents will gain when they choose their own winter clothes and fulfil their own needs.The interior structures for the market are being built this coming week and we are all so excited to see the final structure.
-In Cherso camp we delivered clothes orders this week and were lucky enough to have an Arabic speaker on our team to help facilitate any issues with sizes. It has been a week of growth and learning as we begin to implement new systems for distribution keeping in mind the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS).

Mailing address for warm jackets/coats and winter shoes/boots: drop in the Ocean

Nikos Argiropoulos
Thessalonikis 43
61400 Axioupolis
Kilkis, Greece

Bank details for donations:
A drop in the Ocean
IBAN: NO3015036754327
Note: Northern Greece, winter coats and shoes

-Please help us deliver winter clothes in a timely fashion to both camps. This can be done by donating funds to Drapen i Havet allowing us to instantly buy clothes for urgent needs. You can also send us your quality winter clothing for both adults and children. We particularly need winter coats, shoes, trousers/ jeans and jumpers. Watch the video we made to see exactly how to help. Let’s do this together!

By Holly Thomas volunteer in Greece

Denne saken er på skrevet på engelsk av en av våre frivillige i Hellas.

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