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“Dråpen”- photo exhibition and auction – Monday 5th of December. Where: Bølgen og Moi Briskeby

Dråpen i Havet is hosting a photo exhibition. In collaboration with photographer Knut Bry, 37 art works by well-known Norwegian photographers and artists have been gathered. These works will be presented Monday 5th of December and will allow the visitors to bid for their favourite piece to support our voluntary work.

The income generated from the photo auction “Dråpen” will entirely be distributed to Dråpen i Havets’ operations in Greece. The photographers and the artists have selected their own contribution personally. This project started as a small initiative with a few works and has now become a popular and huge exhibition containing 37 amazing art items.

The exhibition will open at Bølgen og Moi Briskeby at 5 pm, the auction starts at 7 pm and will be conducted by the comic actor Christian Fredrik Mikkelsen.

Dråpen i Havet and Knut Bry wish you all welcome to an exciting and different auction, aiming to help refugees.

The following artists and photographers are represented:
Knut Bry, Johannes Berg, Massimo Leardini, Jo Straube, Sigve Aspelund, Marcel Leilenhof, Sebastian Ludvigsen, Agnete Brun, Tine Poppe, Trine Hisdal, Bjørnar Øvrebø, Fin Serck-Hanssen, Lisa Westgaard, Sigurd Fandango, Marius Nilsen, Marianne Bjørnmyr, Thomas Qvale, Morten Qvale, Elise Collett, Charlotte Spetalen, Hans Olav Forsang, Damian Heinisch, John Kim Andreassen, Tone Beckman, Per Fronth, Jo Bentdal, Carl Erik Hagen, Yann Aker, Nora Bergan, Kristoffer Myhre, Pål Laukli, Lars Petter pettersen, Sebastian Dahl, Daniel Franck, Hans Petter Haraldsen, Marcus Mars og Camilla Prytz.

Click here to consult the catalogue of the participating art works: 



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