A Skaramangas Sojourn – a guest blog by Nidhi Sudhan

Early this year, I took a sabbatical from work after 15 years, to travel. Although I have been to Greece earlier and come to love everything about it, this time Greece warmed my heart a little more by the way it has opened its arms to refugees of one of the largest humanitarian crises, despite it’s own ongoing economic crunch. The ongoing refugee crisis has been making me very uneasy for a while now.

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Inside a refugee camp – A volunteer’s perspective

Julian Benabides spent two weeks volunteering for Dråpen i Havet this summer. In this blog post, he shares his thoughts on working as a volunteer in the refugee camps in Northern Greece.

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Camp Sounio – Southern Attica

Since the middle of June, A Drop in the Ocean has had a team of 5 volunteers, working hard in the new refugee camp situated at Cape Sounio in the southern part of the Attic Peninsula at the southern tip of Greece mainland.

Here, our coordinator Gary Rolston shares his experiences of the first week of work (June 21).

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Childbirth on the shores of Lesvos

Born in Europe!

With A Drop in The Ocean’s volunteers as assistants, a little baby boy was born on the shores of Lesvos today on October 13, 2015.

Kaja Kristine Espenes, who is on her second trip for A Drop in The Ocean reports:

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Trude’s aid journey August 8 – September 2, 2015

Trude arrived on Lesvos late night 29th August, and left for home in the evening of 2nd September. Those were som very intense days, filled with strong impressions. We are certain that many of the refugees that landed during those days will remember the reception and welcome they received with joy and gratefulness. The pictures and stories Trude sent home shows that the help was both needed and welcomed.

Here are some of the updates Trude sent home while on Lesvos:

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