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Athens warehouse

We would like to introduce you to A Drop in the Ocean’s Athens warehouse, which is essential to our distribution efforts in Skaramagas camp, and is where donations from volunteers and supporters are delivered, sorted and packaged for the baby-clothing exchange and our Skaramagas marketplace.


Starting as an empty building, the Athens warehouse has been created, and is run, by volunteers; our incoming and outgoing stock is organised using A Drop in the Ocean’s country-wide ‘Drop App’, which was developed and first implemented by Drops in the north of Greece. Volunteers have also generously used their donation funds and practical skills to furnish the warehouse with customised shelving and sorting boxes, to create an efficient and organised space – so a huge ‘Thank You’ to everybody who has contributed to this project during your time volunteering in Athens (especially to our recent team-leader, Andrea)!


For those of you who will be volunteering with us in Athens, we look forward to showing you the invaluable, behind-the-scenes work that takes place in our warehouse.


Finally, for those wishing to support the residents of Skaramagas through our clothing-distribution services, please consult our current Needs List (illustrated pdf) and get in touch via email (athen@drapenihavet.no) with the subject title ‘Clothing donations’.


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    Melvin Ostrander says

    Great to see the ‘Drops’ expanding and continuing to help where needed. Happy to have spent some time with you all ‘up north’!!

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